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Q: What temp do Suns ship?
36-38 degrees is perfect X CLOSE
Q: Should Suns avoid traveling with certain produce?
Yes. Onions, bananas and strawberries—to name a few—usually anything that emits high levels of ethylene. X CLOSE
Q: Can I display Suns outside?
Yes, but direct sun should be avoided. X CLOSE
Q: How long do they take to open when they come tighter than usual?
This depends on the variety and temperature, but generally 2-4 days. X CLOSE
Q: How high should my water be in a display bucket?
6” of water should be available for Sunflowers to well hydrate in a shop environment. Remember to check on them often, as they will drink this quickly, especially in the summertime. X CLOSE
Q: Why won’t tight Sunflowers open in a higher altitude?
A "cup stage" should always be sent to higher elevations. The lack of Oxygen and cooler temperature reduces the speed of transpiration, slowing the maturation of the cut flowers. X CLOSE
Q: How much more open will Sunflowers be if I ship in water from CA to the East Coast?
This depends on variety, cut stage and stage shipped. If the Sunflower is shipped in water and through a proper cold process chain, it should open one full cut stage. X CLOSE
Q: How long does each variety take to open and what are the differences ? Like, mahogany and greenburst, by way of example?
This depends on variety, generally most bi-colors open faster. Greenburst is harvested more open than a standard Sunflower. X CLOSE
Q: How often do I need to change the water? Can I just add to it?
Every 3 days is a good time to change. If you notice it dirty or low, change earlier. It is best to change not add to. X CLOSE
Q: How many acres of land do you have?
Over 2,000 acres, with 200 acres planted at all times! X CLOSE
Q: How many Sunflowers do you grow a year?
Well over 40 million stems and bunches per year and increasing! X CLOSE
Q: How long do Sunflowers last?
7-10 days generally. Some up to 3 weeks! X CLOSE
Q: What causes the candy-corn effect when tinting Sunflowers?
Tint does not travel fully through the vascular system, so some petals appear lighter. We watch for this before shipping. X CLOSE
Q: Why do I see more red Sunbeams in the fall than the red variety with dark centers?
Sunbeams sometimes tint better due to the way they ship. Dry racks from a field as opposed to locals in water. X CLOSE
Q: What do you look for when you choose new Sunflower varieties?
No lateral growth, sturdy 32-36 “stem from farm, upright flowering, no bend in the neck, resistance to mildew and rust, uniform growth, durability with petals and structure and post harvest duration. X CLOSE
Q: Why do my mini Suns sometimes vary between larger and smaller?
Mini suns are a bi-product of Sunflowers (can’t plant actually for them, at this time). They are entirely weather related; when it is warm the Suns grow larger. X CLOSE
Q: Why do some Sunflowers have seeds and others have a flat center? When I see them in photos- for example in fields of Sunflowers, some have seeds.
None of our Sunflowers will ever produce seeds. We do not pollinate them. X CLOSE
Q: How long is the time period from seed to harvest?
This varies greatly; for example our dark center sunflower planted at same location can take a little as 35 days and as long as 90 days depending on time of year planted. This is why we do extensive testing of all our varieties in many locations, so we can ensure we reduce the possibility of a gap in production. X CLOSE
Q: Is it better to cut the Sunflower stems at an angle or straight across?
Both are totally fine! Use a sharp knife and place their stems in clean water. X CLOSE
Q: Are there any tricks to help the Sunflowers open up faster?
Best to keep them hydrated and at cool to moderate temperatures. Why rush? (Trying warm water or warm air may actually reduce vase life.) Enjoy the full spectrum of bloom! X CLOSE