The Magic

We are truly blessed with warm climates and sunny weather in Southern California and Central Mexico!
The Sunflower is the perfect bloom for sharing a healthy dose of this paradise. Dos Gringos' flower fields produce the freshest, longest lasting bouquets and bunches you'll find on the market.


We appreciate your interest in Dos Gringos, a flower company striving to be Different by Design. We strive to be a different kind of employer and a new breed of eco-minded industry leader. 
Best Quality
All Dos Gringos fresh-cut flowers and foliage are hand selected at the optimum stage of development and inspected for shape, color and condition prior to shipping.
Eco Friendly
Our state-of-the-art, underground green waste system runs through our plant and helps us recycle all of our loose, scrap materials! We recycle about 10, 000 pounds of green-waste per month, turning it into mulch to amend our "Full Circle Soil". A high-speed dry box conveyor moves cartons directly into coolers to maintain freshness. 
Healthy Blooms
Customers receiving flowers under normal domestic conditions should expect a vase life of 6-8 days. Magnifico! 


We strategically grow our Sunflower varieties in Southern California and Mexico! Everything is shipped to our regional distribution centers, in California, Mexico or Florida, within 24 hours of harvest.  

Intriguing, unusual foliage is a passion at DG, inspiring our Different by Design™ stunning bouquet creations. Millet, Hanging Pepper Berry, Protea, and Broomcorn—to name just a few—add interest and texture. Additionally, many local Californian trees and shrubs provide a plethora of shaping tones and unusual forms. South African and Australian natives, also grown locally, give an exotic twist to floral bouquets and centerpieces.

We’ve got a special selection that you won’t find anywhere else! 


Join us on a factory tour!
Our new facility is eco-friendly and innovative in design.