Fall is Calling 🍂

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Fall is Calling 🍂


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Q: Fall is Calling is right. It's still a little hot, but I'm with you. What's going on at Dos Gringos?

A: Well, the weather might be a whole lotta hot outside but it's a whole lotta cool Fall in our fields and post harvest right now. We are definitely in Fall transition mode.

Q: Wow ok. Is that a good thing?

A: That's a Great Thing! I think it's hands down our favorite time of the year. Unless of course we a crop failure and then...well never mind. We're back in season harvesting lots of fun fall flowers with cool textures and the right colors for Fall Season. i.e. Pumpkin Tree, Chili peppers, Eucalyptus, Sages, and of course The good ol' Sunflower. Here are a few of our Favorite Things.

Q: Here Are A Few of Our Favorites!

Pumpkin Tree!

Chili Lime Spice

Fresh Silver Sages!

Wheat Field

Golden Feathers