The Dirt - Well….. Mother’s Day?

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - Well….. Mother’s Day?


Issue № 230

Well….. Mother’s Day?


Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q:  So has the dust settled on Mother’s Day?

A:  Well, let’s just say that it is settling.

Q:  What does that mean?

A:  It seems like our clients had a really solid holiday so this week has been all about re-stock with lots of add ons and extra strong p.o. numbers.

Q:  That’s a good thing right?

A:  You know it.  Good for everybody. 

Q:  How did Dg do for Mother’s Day?

A:  We did well.  Always room for improvement.  Our fill rate metric was at 99.9% and our quality metric was 99.5%.

Q:  That seems pretty good…. yes?

A:  Yes and always room for improvement. 

Q:  How do you improve on that?  Those are pretty decent number. 

A:  It’s mainly internal improvement. To hit those kinds of metrics the team put in almost 10,000 hours of overtime.  AND because fill rate and quality to our clients are the most important metrics to us that means we scrap and dump flowers.  We can improve on those metrics.   

Q:  You’re such a jerk!  The Dg team brought a lot of smiles this holiday.  I heard it was over 2.3 million bouquets/bunches/smiles which was 18% over last year. 

A:  Is that a question?  Look…. what I love about this business is that it’s super hard and almost impossible to master.  It’s why we all fire out of bed each morning. 

Q:  Ok.  Enough.  Let’s end on a good note... you’re depressing.  Can you show us some highlights pics of the week? 

A:  Yeah Yeah…. Of course….Here you go…………...

Lovely “Maru” – still smiling after many loooooong days

Salome contributing to the 1,000,000 UPC’s we created

There’s always time for a little Cinco de Mayo celebration

Quality staying strong!  Note the red vests – QC team

Operation central, Horacio,  Raul,(Blue)  Pete and Val

Gringo South team in full production mode

Carlos and Jesse and a sea of gorgeous Sunflowers

Adrianna and her smiling suns.


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