The Dirt - November 2010

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - November 2010

It’s a bit of a tongue twister, sure, but we know it’s true. What special event can’t be made better with a gorgeous bouquet of occasion-ready , farm-fresh flowers? That’s the message we need to send to one and all throughout these party-filled, family-focused last two months of the year. Flowers brighten a home, lighten a mood, and so much more…

Right here at Dos Gringos, we practice what we preach. At a very special surprise party for my, ahem, 40th birthday – I still can’t get used to that number – our headquarters here in Vista were covered in flowers.

The same was true for our annual Halloween costume party and parade last week: flowers and foliage everywhere. Yes, that’s easy for us to do. The coolers are brimming with choices, an incredible designer has an office downstairs, and the price is right, but here’s the point: flowers add a special touch that nothing else really can. And in the context of a celebration, they won’t break the bank.

Headed to a dinner party? Spice it up with a seasonal mix. Invited somewhere else for Thanksgiving? Why not contribute a gorgeous centerpiece? College roommates gathering for a cup of holiday cheer? Reds and greens are stunning together, the variety is endless, and, thanks to so many of you, the price points are equally attractive.

So how can we help? From easy, appealing vase arrangements to instant-impact merchandisers, we are poised to make any and every celebration of the season even better. Right now Sunflowers are doing a lot of the heavy lifting as the country enjoys autumn and its warm, rich hues. After Thanksgiving, our fresh, funky greens will be paired with almost everything imaginable to make the December holidays as beautiful as possible. Let us know what you need, and keep up the good work in making flowers an important part of every celebration.


Jason Levin
President & Chief Gringo

Finalize Numbers for:
* Christmas Green CB’s
* Oriental Lily Holiday Bouquets
* Silver and Gold Antiqued Berries/Foliage

Item For Period
Stock Jan April
Larkspur Mid-February
Just Add Roses Jan Feb
Just Add Tulips Jan Feb
Green Suns (St. Patricks Day)
Ranunculus March April
Pincushions March April
Waxflower February- May
Gypsy Dianthus February- May
Pumpkin Tree September-October
Peppers September-October
Sunflowers April – June