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The Dirt - Meet The Tenors!


Issue № 239

Meet the Tenors!

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 "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life"

10 Years
120 Months
522 Weeks
3,652 Days
87,656 Hours
5,259,000 Minutes
315,569,260 Second and Counting!

Q: Meet the Tenors?  Now what’s that all about?  Are you starting a Dos Gringos Singing Group?
A: Ha… No, this week we are featuring the DG Teammates who have been with us 10 years or longer.


Q: Wow!  That’s a nice accomplishment.  Who are they?
A: Here’s a picture of the group…..  

Bottom L to R: Heriberto Lopez, Chief Driver, 19 yrs., Mark Young, Chief Money and Metric Man, 10 yrs., Delia Mercado, Team Mom/ HR Manager., 12 yrs., Francisca Garcia, Bouquet Maker Extraordinaire, 11 yrs., Malou Hamto, The Collector/AR Police, 10 yrs., Maria Garcia, Bouquet Maker Extraordinaire,11 yrs.


Top L to R:  Lina Sifuentes, Chief of Data Entry and Data Mistake catcher, 12 yrs. Joan Saunders, Chief of Jason, E-commerce client support, and Community outreach., 12 yrs.,Maribel Quezada, Leader of Smiles and E-commerce assembly 10 yrs., Raul Meza, Chief of Don’t Screw up my Fill Rate or Quality Numbers/Production Manager, 10 yrs., April Harrell, Chief of Knowing how everything works at Dg / Demand Planning and Purchasing, 18 yrs. (with a couple of years off to have babies in between).  Gabe Gill, Mr. Plant as in charge of all Production Plants / Senior Plant Manager, 11 yrs. 

Here is how they REALLY are! 

Jenny works remotely from Tahoe and Todd was out of the office today so here are their pictures.

Jenny Butterfass, Chief of Positivity and Can Do/ BDM. 13 yrs.

Todd Thornton, Chief of all things Dirt/Master Grower, 10 yrs.

Q: Anything else?
A: Yes…here are a few quotes from teammates on why they love what they do…  


"I love my job because I get to work with flowers every day!  Also, I love it when we have fun and celebrate Mother’s Day and other holidays with good food and Mariachi music.”
- Maribel Quezada

“New challenges every day in the floral industry.  Great to be on an experienced and talented team to take on these challenges.”
- Mark Young

“I am one lucky lady. I have had a passion for flowers my entire life and have the privilege of being surrounded by them each and every day here at Dos Gringos and I get to work with a pretty talented team. As the DG HR Manger, or “Team Mom”, as I am often called, I get to engage with all departments and help people grow and BLOOM while making sure both the company and our teammates are safe, happy, and taken care of!”
- Delia Mercado.

“My 12 years as part of the Dos Gringos team has been extremely rewarding.  I particularly enjoy the daily interaction with the public who find our company and facility fascinating.  Every day presents exciting challenges which our entire team continues to overcome as we serve our international client base.  Our energetic leader provides an enthusiastic role model, ready to take charge while moving the business forward.  It is a pleasure to be part of the team.”
- Joan Saunders

“I came to DG to help for a week to put binders together for a show, almost 11 years later I am still here with my current role as Production Manager.  In my role I get to work with our production team and other departments in the Company.   There are challenges that come with my job, but I have great teammates to help me out.  I oversee the production of quality bouquets, when we have happy customers then I know we did a good job as a team.”  
- Raul “aka” Blue Mesa

“I really appreciate the ability to work closely with my team and all departments of the company. They energize me and make me better at what I do. ”  
- Gabe Gill

“What I like best about DG is that I work for a company with integrity.” 
- Jenny Butterfass



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