The Dirt - January 2013

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - January 2013

On behalf of the entire Dos Gringos family, I wish all of our clients a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!
Like many of you, I suspect, we head into 2013 with renewed purpose and vigor. Regular meeting rhythms are back on the calendar, travel schedules are filling up, and the results of some updates to our physical space in California are visible and exciting.  Different by Design ® truly extends to every aspect of our business.

Digital signage – touch screens –are being installed throughout our headquarters. Good communication is a big deal to us, and this state-of-the-art hardware and software will allow us to post key metrics throughout the day so everyone from Quality Assurance to Logistics to Assembly Line Leaders know in real time exactly how we’re stacking up, especially with regards to quality. We’ll celebrate the good numbers and try to keep them going, and we’ll address the not-so-good as quickly and efficiently as possible. The better our productivity, the more we can keep costs the same or similar in this inflationary period. We know that’s important to you, and we take it very seriously. Special thanks to my brother David, president and CEO of Four Winds Interactive, for helping to get us up and running with his company's terrific technology.
Newly Designed Dos Gringos Headquarters!

Speaking of productivity, I felt that our December strategic planning meetings were very productive and relevant. The pillars of our business remain as they’ve been for years:

Every initiative discussed for 2013 had to fall into one of these “buckets.” Once we identified key initiatives, we continued to assign and map out desired outcomes, required actions, and necessary resources.

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So, what did we come up with? In the interest of “People first…” I am thrilled to announce a major wellness campaign for Dos Gringos.  I want my team to have choices and access to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and energy galore. Delia Mercado will work closely with our health insurance company to develop and promote a variety of on-site programs, including biometrics baselines; Boot Camp; and nutrition information and insight.
Our People First

For our “freshness” initiative, we’ll focus a lot this year on what this means to customers and how we can deliver it in a way that works for them. Our annual survey is a great way to kick off this conversation. Please click here to spend a few minutes letting us know how we’re doing today and where we need to be to continue to earn your business.

Innovation will continue to be a top priority for the DG Team. We want to be first to market with the programs and promotions that drive results for YOU. I’ll be talking to some of our East Coast partners this month about new initiatives; much more to come as we define the details. Until then, here’s to an exciting, challenging 2013!

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