The Dirt - January 2011

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - January 2011

We are very excited about 2011 and a new opportunity to serve you. Fresh, unique California flowers and foliage are different from the standard floral fare. We can’t wait to continue to show you how and why.

Several upgrades and accomplishments in the second half of 2010 give us good field position for the new year:

• An additional 120 acres of production that allows us to harvest 100,000 Sunflowers every day!
• Additional automatic assembly lines for increased production.

• New and improved water chiller.

• Quality Control expertise and personnel that we believe is the best in the business.

• Improved sales support focused specifically on better client services.

“Always be Testing”
is a new and extremely effective program in our QC department. We pull a sample from every lot we ship and keep it here at headquarters under the same conditions the rest of the lot will experience in transit and at the final destination. We’re getting a much better read on shelf life, durability and overall appearance, and we’re making necessary adjustments along the way to ensure you always get the best product possible.

Software and hardware upgrades are ongoing at Dos Gringos to ensure state-of-the-art forecasting and effective, efficient client communication. We’ve had some great feedback about the speed and visual appeal of our revamped web site and we have upgraded this newsletter to speed up our communication to you.

We've updated our Dos Gringos Products Page with several new sections:

• New Instructional Video by World Renowned Floral Designer, Rene van Rems, AIFD
• A section about our Just Adds™ product offerings
• Interactive Online Seasonal Catalog
• Sunflower Varieties Page that showcases all of the wonderful types of sunflowers we offer


The leadership team will meet this month to finalize budgets and hammer out our top three priorities for the year. Look for details about that in our February issue. In the meantime, the entire Dos Gringos family wishes you and yours a happy, healthy, flower-filled New Year!