The Dirt - Happy Mother's Day!

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - Happy Mother's Day!




I have always said that Dos Gringos is “a Mother’s Day kind of company,” but what in the world does that mean? It reflects the reality that April and early May tend to be very big for us in terms of reaping what we sow. That was certainly the case this spring. We rebounded nicely from some March weather issues and have been able to harvest many of the crops that came up short in January and February. In fact, last Thursday we broke our standing record for largest daily sales.  It was a proud day in Dg history. I’ve been on the production floor a lot this holiday, and I assure you the products shipped this week are some of the lushest and healthiest of the spring season. The Dg Team is working 14-hour days to bring sunshine and smiles to mothers across the country, let's hope they do!

This weekend’s holiday puts an end to Marguerite Daisies and Ranunculus while it ushers in our signature stem – Sunflowers! In just a few short weeks we’ll begin harvesting out of California and northern Baja, transitioning the work flow and plant production schedule around this summertime favorite. It still leads the charge in adding instant, budget-friendly flower power to indoor and outdoor spaces, and I am convinced that Dos Gringos is working with the best and brightest hybridizers and breeders to keep Suns fun and fresh.

On the design side, Robin Mooney and her team continue to test a variety of builds and displays. We’ve had a great response to our Mason Jars campaign. Robin and Marco Rivera agree that this product hits a “sweet spot” with consumers. Our Mason Jar's are the perfect size and make for a great hostess gift or small table centerpiece.  They present themselves as a really nice gesture that’s tasteful but not over the top.  Also, we’re seeing some of our competitors follow suit with this design idea. Fortunately we haven’t seen any copycats who have Robin’s eye for design – or her patience for hand-tying every Mason Jar we send to a store!  Check out our summer selection below.

Mid-May includes site visits to explore opportunities for supply chain expansion as well as a trip for me out east. We’re very excited to reveal interesting and innovative plans for Thanksgiving 2013 and the year-end holidays. Office time will be spent working with the team to finalize our list of summer projects. More on those in June.

Until then, enjoy the last weeks of school-year schedules. More importantly, soak in the sunshine that took too long to arrive in certain areas of the country.