The Dirt - Charlie Brown would be pleased!

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The Dirt - Charlie Brown would be pleased!


Issue № 249

Charlie Brown would be pleased!

Q and A
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Dos Gringos



Q: Okay, I’ll bite.  Why would Charlie Brown be pleased?  

A: Do you remember “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?”



Q: Sure do, but why?

 A:Fall is the time for our very, very popular Pumpkin Trees and we just know Charlie would love these as much as our clients do.

  Q: Why are they so popular?


A: They are such an unusual, seasonal and fun item with lots of utility. Although their season is short, they last a long time (up to 21 days) in our bouquets or as a stand-alone bunch and can even be uniquely repurposed for an even longer life. Not to mention, their wonderful orange color matches perfectly with other beautiful fall flowers and foliage.   

  Q: Where do Pumpkin Trees come from?


A: Pumpkin Trees, which are actually related to the eggplant family, originated in Africa, but we have grown them in southern California for many years. These “pumpkins on a stick” grow to be between 3 and 5 feet tall and produce prodigious (big word, I know) numbers of decorative fruit. They look exactly like pumpkins – except they are cuter and much smaller.

  Q: How are they sold?  


A: We sell ours in bunches, still on their “stick” and include them in many of our fall bouquets. Using either bunches or bouquets, you can use your imagination to repurpose in many cute ways.


  Q: Are they still available?


A: We will be harvesting for about another 4 weeks. Additional supply beyond pre-books will be limited week to week. If you haven’t pre-booked them for this year, no problem, it’s never too early to start planning 2018!

 Q:  Ok, got it, can you show me some fun things that we can do with a Pumpkin Tree?


A: Of course. Here you go!



This display would even make Charlie Brown smile!


Our pretty Pumpkin Trees added to a fall bouquet.


Here they are pre-harvest


The harvest and the defoliation process. 


It is so easy to go from this……


To this….just add a Mason Jar and raffia


 And…from this…………...


To this….


……or this, with just a vase and some ribbon.







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