The Dirt - April 2014

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - April 2014


That peaceful, easy Spring Break feeling is…gone!

After a brief lull – a calm before the storm, if you will – we are all systems go in anticipation of Administrative Professional's Week (April 20-26), Easter (April 20), and Mother’s Day (May 11). Don’t miss our “Just a Little Something” selection and the always popular Mason Jar arrangements. Both are a perfect token of appreciation and springtime joy for any of these celebrations.

Our seven-day staggered work schedule is fully in play thanks to the testing and tweaking we did throughout the first quarter of the year. We are confident this strategic, client-focused move will make a difference in the service and freshness.  Dos Gringos will continue to deliver. We are truly at your service almost all the time!
Those of you who endured an unusually long and relentless winter will welcome the softer, lighter, brighter colors of spring and summer, and Dos Gringos will not disappoint. Lilies, Ranunculus, Sunflowers – including an awesome pastel-y Sunbeam and some Gypsy Dianthus are taking center stage right now and stealing the show.

Meanwhile, our Dos Gringos East plant in Miami reports that we’re all planted up to harvest Sunflowers galore without interruption from May until November. This is another direct response to client feedback, and I’m thrilled that our valued partners in the eastern part of the country will have even fresher, equally gorgeous Suns of all kinds for a sustained period of time.

This signature item continues to set Dos Gringos apart, and we intend to remain the provider of choice. Special thanks to our seed partners and to Master Grower, Todd Thornton for making this growth spurt possible.

As busy as we’re getting, we want to be well. After our “Biggest Winner” team challenge wraps in April, efforts and events continue throughout Q2 to help Team Members balance hard work with healthy habits – so we can continue to put the best team on the field for you and can loose a few pounds!
Happy Spring to all! Let the floral season begin!