The Dirt - A Brief Intro.

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - A Brief Intro.

We appreciate your interest in Dos Gringos, a flower company striving to be Different by Design™.
We aim to be a different kind of partner; a different kind of employer; a new breed of industry leader.

Our company began in 1988 in Carlsbad, California. Hard work, loyal customers,
our insistence on a can-do spirit year in and year out – and, we admit, our share of luck
– have allowed us to grow, change, and succeed beyond what we ever dared imagine.

Today you’ll find us in our state-of-the-art headquarters in Vista, California, where cool coastal
plains and fertile inland valleys produce ideal soil and climate. Inside, we’ve got all the resources
to make a great natural product even better, including recent advances in refrigeration, quality
control, packaging, and transportation. During the two week period prior to 2010 Mother's Day,
we shipped over 900,000 bouquets. That's a lot of Sunflowers!

Freshness, Innovation, Leadership

All fresh-cut flowers and foliage are hand selected at the optimum stage of development and
inspected at three different levels for shape, color, and condition prior to shipping.
Each selection is treated and cooled overnight to 38° before being custom packed.
Packed boxes are immediately pre-cooled in preparation for shipping.
Real-time inventory control helps us cater to each customer’s unique circumstances.

Wow! What are those?

Intriguing greens and foliage are a passion and strength. Millet, hanging pepper berry, protea, and
broomcorn are just the beginning. Unique California trees and shrubs provide a plethora of tones and textures;
South African and Australian natives that grow right here round out our selection.
We’ve got several at our fingertips that you won’t find anywhere else!

All for One, One for All – All for You!

We are organized as a team, we work as a team,
and we promise to put the best team on the field, every day, for you!