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Summer Planning & Planting  🌻🌞


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Q: Is it time for Summer Planning and Planting?

A: Both! Before all the craziness for Mother’s Day starts we are busy ordering seed and getting the ground ready for a Summer Harvest.  

Q: What are you currently planning and planting?

A: Well, besides the usual 5 different varieties of Sunflowers, this month is the time for us to start planting Gomphrena Clover and African Marigolds.

Q: Very good. Anything we should know about these crops?

A: There’s always something to share. Clover is one of our favorite Summer filler flowers. The genetic gurus have bred some really cool new colors. Clover now grows in purple, pink, white, and orange. It’s an annual that behaves a little like a perennial except it doesn’t come back each year so we still have to replant. It does however get cut and come back multiple times over the summer.  It’s what we call in the biz a short-lived perennial. And Marigolds are a great companion crop for almost any crop (especially for your home vegetable gardens.) Marigolds distinctive scent in the foliage deters most pests from eating it and thus also protects the crops planted around it. Win Win.

Q: Nice. Very True. Got pictures?

A: We sure do. Here are a few of Clover and Marigolds as well as a few Patriotic Bouquets and Mason Jars to get everyone thinking about Summer / Memorial Day / 4th of July / Labor Day.

Beautiful, Colorful, Clover! Make sure to add this to your Consumer bunch lineup.

Late Summer Marigolds

Patriotic Holidays 32 oz. Mason Jars

Patriotic Holidays 16 oz. Mason Jars

Sunflower, Daisy Matricaria, flag bouquet wrap and star decorative pick! Sunbeam

Sunflower, Daisy Matricaria, Flag bouquet wrap and star decorative pick!

Sunflowers, red mini carnation, statice and ruscus