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PMA Orlando 2018 

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Q: I know you and your sales team are in Orlando getting ready for the
PMA show this weekend. How are things going?

A: Setting up and the pre-meetings are going well. We’re lucky that we have such an experienced team that knows the drill.  



Q: You guys have a lot going on! You're setting up for your biggest show
of the year and dealing with all of the crop damage from
Hurricane Sergio...What’s the latest?

 A: Well, it goes back to my earlier comment about how lucky we are to have
experienced team members back on the home front that know the drill.
They are doing everything in their powers to minimize client order disruptions.


Q: What’s the damage report and impact?

A: Most importantly none of our team members lost their homes or were injured.

As far as crop damage.  Well, let’s just say.….Yep.  

The damage came mostly from the wind.  We pretty much lost all of this weeks harvest from our Sonora Region.  

This equates to about 300,000 stems.



Q: Those pictures are worth 1,000 words.
 Ok, we know you, where’s the silver lining?


A: Look for the good...find the good. Power is restored, we lost 1 week in
a 52 week year and 1 region. We still have back up regions harvesting
AND nobody lost their life. 



Q: Good perspective. That’s a significant region for you going into
Thanksgiving. Should we be worried about our orders?


A: This weekend's shipping and part of next week is going to be touch and
 go. Next week we are expecting 70-80% of what we planted (meaning we only
 lost about 100,000 stems for next week.) We anticipate being back to normal by
Next Friday 10/26 with all grower caveats fully in place. We thought we had
a direct line to Mother Nature but sometimes her voice mail is full.

 Here’s a picture of our/your Thankgiving crop…



Q: Got it! Well, that’s actually pretty good news.  We’ll take it. Hang in there!  Where can we find you
at the PMA show this weekend?


A: Ah yes! On to a brighter topic…It’s showtime. We’ll be in
Booth #4659 during all show hours. Friday from 10am to 6pm and
Saturday from 10am to 5pm.  


Q: What should we expect to see?

A: Here are a few pictures that tell the story… 



Booth Space Upon Arrival….


Jen Flores and Gabby Mercado unwrap the show pallets.


The backdrop being set up.

Robin Mooney hangs the sign on our backdrop. 


Gabby and Jen on the phone handling client orders while
setting up the booth. Multi tasking at it’s finest. 


It’s flower time. Robin puts the finishing touches on
 both her flower and booth design. 


It’s show time! Jen, Gabby, and Robin pose in front of the results
of their two days of show set up!   

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