Need an end of Summer Spice up!? 🔥

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Need an end of Summer Spice up!? 🔥


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Q: Is it The Ornamental Chili Pepper time of the year already?

A: It sure is AND what better way to Spice up the end of Summer in your floral departments than with some fun, Shopping Cart Stopping, Ornamental Chili Peppers.

Q: Nice. These are edible to right?

A: While ornamental peppers are in the same family as vegetable peppers we grow them for their ornamental properties instead of growing them for taste.

Q: So what does that mean?

A: At it's simplest form, we use a different fertilizer because we are looking for a consistency color not a consistency of taste. So for example, if you were to try to eat them, you would find that some are very very spicy (trust me we have tried) and some have no taste at all. My recommendation is to just enjoy looking at them.

Q: Got it, we will stick to using them for decorative purposes.

A: Good call.

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