Let's Celebrate Summer!

Dos Gringos

Let's Celebrate Summer!


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Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q: Are Dos Gringos Sunflowers Religious?

A: No, well...maybe!? Ok no. HOWEVER, we just had our HFU meeting (That’s Gringo Lingo for Harvest Forecast Update meeting.) AND we have a Holy amount of awesome looking sunflowers coming down the pipeline to help us fulfill our mission of bringing smiles to millions of people.

Q: Love it. When are they coming?

A: We will be harvesting a “Holy Good” amount of big-headed green center sunflowers, dark center sunflowers and novelty sunflowers starting July 12th through July 25th.

Sunflower Propagation

Two weeks later...


6 weeks later (and looking healthy if I do say so myself.)

3 days before Harvest

Ready to Harvest aka Go Time!