How Do You Spell S-U-P-E-R S-T-A-R?

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How Do You Spell S-U-P-E-R S-T-A-R?


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How do you spell S-u-p-e-r  S-t-a-r?

Q and A
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Dos Gringos



Q: Is that your topic this week?

A:  IThis edition of the dirt is specifically about one long-term teammate
of mine who truly is a Super Star. ?



Q: Who would that be?

 A: His name is Flabio Chavez and he has been with Dos Gringos for 16 years.
Flabio started with Dos Gringos working in the plant packing boxes.
He rose steadily through most of our production departments and now
he runs our facility in Mexico!


Q: What else can you tell me about Flabio? 

A: Well, he has won both our Town Hall Gold award – not once but twice and
annual gold award (see pictures below). He works very long hours but when he
does get a few days off he loves to go visit his mother in southern Mexico.
We are sure she must be super proud of her son. Flabio just celebrated
his 40th birthday so we made a quick trip to Gringo South for a lunch in his
honor. To say that Flabio is a conscientious and hard-working teammate is truly
an understatement. On Easter Sunday, 2016, a 7.2 earthquake hit just south of
the border. Flabio left his Easter celebration to come and check on the plant
which, fortunately experienced no damage. That’s just the kind of guy
he is, and I wish I could clone him!



 Here’s some fun pictures of our times together
both working and, yes, a little playing too!



Flabio about to be presented with the Annual Gold Award



Dos Amigos


Jason and Flavio at a teammate luncheon, Gringo South

Flabio and Jason (are those wine barrels in the background???)


Flabio in the field

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