Fall is in the air

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Fall is in the air


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Q. It’s 110 degrees where we are. Is Fall really in the air?

A: Well, It might not be in the air, but it’s definitely on our minds.

Q: Got it, but why are you mentioning Pumpkin Tree in July?

A: Great Question. Pumpkin trees are one of our favorite and super seasonal crops. We plant these in February/March and our farm team is out in the fields everyday all summer manicuring them daily. AKA keeping pesky beetles and mites away.

Q: Are Pumpkin trees a high maintenance crop?

A: They are and they are totally worth it. It’s actually one of clients favorite crops even though it’s only a 8 to 10 week crop.

Q: When does the season start? A: We start harvesting in early September through early November.

Q: Anything else you want to share?

A: Just some pictures of course….

Our North San Diego crop looking goooood...


...... and on track...

Close up of our Pumpkin Tree leaves. We defoliate these thorny leaves at the fields before shipping.
You're welcome :)

Flower buds on the Pumpkin Tree Plant...


First signs of green pumpkins (about 4 to 5 weeks away from turning orange.)