Dos Gringos Mother’s Day Update

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Dos Gringos Mother’s Day Update



Issue № 323

Dos Gringos Mother’s Day Update

Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q.  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an edition of The Dirt.

A. It definitely has been awhile. We have literally and figuratively have
had our hands IN the dirt for the past couple of months.


Q. I bet. How are things going?

A. The first few weeks were pretty rough. Within a 48-hour period we had 50%
of existing orders canceled. This meant that packed and produced orders were
either donated or dumped and crops scheduled to be harvested were plowed
under. I will say that the silver lining was all of the smiles on the recipients of
our flower donations faces and reading the pile of handwritten thank you notes
from the senior communities. It was a great reminder of the core purpose of Dos Gringos.  

Q. I’m glad there was a silver lining. Any better now?

A. Things are getting better. I would say that we’re back to about 75 to 80%
levels.  We’re still plowing under flowers and we’ve adjusted our planting plan
for the late summer. Our biggest focus has been making sure that we are taking
care of our team members. We made creating a safe and healthy work
environment for our team our highest priority.

Q. How are you going about that?

A. I am really proud of our HR and Operations team both in California and in
Mexico. They put safety plans in place that go above and beyond what
the CDC recommends, and the Department of Labor requires.


Q. That’s fantastic. Tell me more.

A. Glad to. Here’s a list of some of the things that we’re doing.  

  • We re-configured our production flow to allow for the proper social distancing.
  • In order to maintain proper distancing, we added extra shifts and are operating 24 hours a day.  
  • We leased another additional facility to give ourselves more social distance to operate.
  • We are using our farm facilities to sleeve and pack to optimize space available in our assembly and packing plants.
  • We have purchased thousands of masks, gallons of hand sanitizer, and more Clorox in the last two months that we have in the last 20 years (and we were a very neat and clean company before!)
  • We have a full time 24x7 team continuously disinfecting our offices, office equipment, floors, cafeterias, tables, and production areas.
  • We are staggering our break, lunch, and dinner times and have added more lunch / break areas outside under tents.
  • And most importantly we are providing the team with lots of healthy snacks, beverages, lunches, dinners, airborne and vitamin c.


Q. That’s a pretty good list. Nice work.

A. Thanks, I’m really proud of our team. Tough times don’t last, tough people
do, and we’ve got a bunch of tough dedicated people at Dos Gringos. It’s a
privilege and honor to be part of this team.

Q. Anything else?

A. Just a few pictures…

Even though we wear mask’s we still smile, laugh and
are thankful to have work to do.



An example of the extra break area we mentioned earlier


Happy recipients of our Sunflower Donations!









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