All about Marigolds


All about Marigolds


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Q and A
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Q: It’s the Marigold time of the year isn’t it? What can you tell us about them?

A: It is definitely our Marigold crops time to shine. We like to grow things that Mother Nature approves of because when we don’t, she normally wins and Marigolds are native to the Americas. They grow really well both here in Southern California and in Mexico.

Q: Anything different about yours?

A: The breeders from our different seed companies have done a nice job of breeding to improve vase life. On our side we defoliate our Marigolds to improve that vase life even more and to minimize the strong fragrance. Many people don’t realize that the fragrance of the marigold comes from the foliage not from the flower itself.

Q: Why do Marigolds seem to become more popular each year?

A: I think there are a couple of factors. One is it’s a great seasonal color and value and two more and more people are celebrating the “Day of the Dead.” The Day of the Dead celebration is a Mexican cultural tradition and it has gained lots of popularity in the last decade. You see it both on the hard goods side and the fresh cut side. The Marigold is the official flower of this tradition. The aroma and brilliant color of the Marigold were traditionally thought to attract the dead and allow their spirts to celebrate the joy of life they once had. It takes place on November 1st and 2nd. If you interested in learning more. Here’s a link for you.

Q: How about some pictures?

A: You got it.

Our Marigold crop on track for next week's Harvest!

Five stems of freshly harvested Marigolds. So Bright and Beautiful.

Our Marigolds Paired with Our Sunflowers. Bright Orange and Bright Yellow scream let's get ready for Fall.

Our 10 stem Marigold bunch is quite a value.

Marigolds looking great mixed with our other Fall Blooms. Perfect for Fall Celebrations.