A Simple 4th of July Centerpiece

Dos Gringos

A Simple 4th of July Centerpiece


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Happy Fourth of July

Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q: I’m guessing you’re getting ready for a long weekend and want to keep this one short?

A: Me? Never. It’s not like I’ll be tending to the BBQ and on the golf course all weekend. I would never. I’ll be in the Sunflower Fields harvesting away.

Q: Ok, now you’ve just taken it too far. Get on with it.

A: If you insist. This week we thought we’d keep The Dirt simple and show your stores how to make a simple centerpiece for the 4th of July weekend with you guessed it… Dos Gringos Sunflowers.

Q: Now that’s more like it. Show us how.

A: You’ve got. Here you go…


A 6-inch container of choice, flower foam, patriotic ribbon, 7 sunflowers and a handful of moss.

1. Group Sunflowers together and cut stems evenly at base.
2. Insert all at once into the flower foam and add water.


3. Take your patriotic ribbon and tie it around the sunflower stems in three different spots.
4. Add moss to cover oasis.