A Little Chillier Outside = Chili Pepper Time!

Dos Gringos

A Little Chillier Outside = Chili Pepper Time!


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Dos Gringos


Q: Is it The Ornamental Chili Pepper time of the year already!?

A: It sure is AND they are looking bountiful and beautiful.

Q: Tell us a little more. First off are they edible?

A: Ornamental peppers are in the same family as vegetable peppers, but we grow them for their ornamental properties vs for taste. They are not poisonous, but some are Very Spicy (trust me we have tried) and some have no taste at all. My recommendation is to enjoy looking at them!

Q: How do you grow them and how long does it take?

A: We start them off in the greenhouse as seedlings and then transfer them to the field after they germinate. On average they take about 5 to 6 months to grow.

Q: Let’s see them in action. Do you have some pictures?

A: You know it….

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