Why Sunflowers!?

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Why Sunflowers!?


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Q: I'm guessing you're going to tell us all about why we should always have sunflowers in our stores and homes?

A: I think that's a great idea. Are you ready?

Q: Hit me.

A: Ok. Here you go. Sunflowers symbolize happiness, euphoria, and everlasting hope. They brighten up any person's day and home and reflect joy and delight.

Q: I like it. Anything else?

A: Of course. Did you know that sunflowers can increase productivity and improve mental health just with their cheerful existence? In addition, they serve as perfect gifts to new beginnings and act as good luck charms.

Q: Well, that's good enough for me. Any pictures?

A: Here are some fresh photos for you...

Growing in Multiple Regions to hedge against bad weather and grow closer to our clients to save freight are important projects. Here's a trial we just finished up in New York.

Our Sunflowers in California about a week away from harvest time.

Here's a picture of our sunflower breeding area. These Sunnies are waiting for the bees to fly in and work their cross pollination magic.

Your Thanksgiving Sunflower crop is coming right along.