Thinking Inside the Tree!

Dos Gringos

Thinking Inside the Tree!


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Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q: Isn’t the saying “Thinking outside the box?”

A: I’ve never heard that one before, but I like it. In this issue we decided to think a little differently about our Holiday Décor ideas.

Q: Uh, I think that’s what people call “Thinking outside the box?”

A: Outside the box, Inside the tree. Same thing!

Q: Ok, show us how you “thought inside the tree.”

A: We’d love to show you. Here’s a step by step for how your stores can Spruce up those Spruces with Pops of Golden Sunflowers, Gold Ornaments and Gold Glittered Pinecones:

Step 1 - Pick your favorite evergreen tree. Give it a good watering before decorating. We chose a 2 1/2 foot Italian Stone pine.

Step 2 - Cover pot with your choice of fabric or burlap. We chose a chartreuse green Jute.

Step 3 - Cut 15 stems of open Sunflowers to about 3 inches and apply a water tube to the stem.

Step 4 - Insert the blooms throughout the tree

Step 5 - Add Pinecones and Gold Ornaments. Place in a cool area in your store, home or patio. Check water daily. Keep the water tubes filled up to keep those Golden Sunflower blooms perky!