There is no “I” in Mother’s Day!

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There is no “I” in Mother’s Day!


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There is no “I” in Mother’s Day!

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Dos Gringos



Q: I take it you made it through another Mother’s Day?

A: We did! Of course, we had our usual trials and tribulations and yet we got
it done with a 99.5% fill rate and 99.8% quality rate (of which I'm most proud).
The ONLY reason we made it through was because everyone on the DG team
pulled together to make it happen.



Q: I’m curious about what trials and tribulations you had to overcome this year? 

 A: First – the weather. Our rainy, rainy winter and spring impacted the timing of
our Sunflower yields and luckily, we had enough safety stock due to good
planning by our team, so we made it through! Our most affected crop was our
Ranunculus crop. Our team is already putting plans into action for next year in
order minimize the impact of poor weather. Secondly, (and perhaps you have
heard) there are issues at the Mexico border due to the closure of some of the
trucking lanes. At one point we had five semi trucks stuck in the inspection line
at the border. We carefully monitored the crossings of our trucks and timed our
production team accordingly to be able to jump into action when our trucks
arrived. We somehow managed to get things out on time. 


Q: Sounds like quite a challenge. 

A: The usual holiday challenge and nothing our team couldn’t handle!
(which again, makes me proud)



Q: What do you do after the dust settles on Mother’s Day shipping? 

A: Celebrate of course! We started with a customary toast with a shot of
tequila after the last box had shipped out. Then, and most importantly, we
re-caped the holiday as a team in our all hands-on Town Hall meeting. We
went through our GBU’s (Good, Bad, and Ugly’s) and put an action plan in
place to fix any of the bads and uglys.  We gave out our “Gold Awards” to team
members who went above and beyond as well as some annual awards
including one 10 and one 15-year tenure award. A fun time was had by all
and it was a well-deserved break from our busy schedule.



Jason gives a welcoming “thumbs-up” to the team. 


Teammates gather for a fun celebration lunch.


Yummy Mexican food and wonderful deserts! 
Would you expect anything else from a company called Dos Gringos?


Plenty for all.


Teammates chowing down!

Jason awards Eddie Rendon a Gold Award for stepping
up big-time in our e-commerce shipping department.


Additional Gringo Gold Award recipients are:
Victor Cardona, Edgar Montiel and Manny Martinez
who managed shipping and receiving like champions!


Jenny was traveling so she could not be with us to celebrate her 15 years
at Dg Award, so we’ll celebrate her at our next Town Hall. In
the meantime, thanks for being a great team member and a great
teammate for 15 years Jenny! We are lucky to have you on the team.


Jason awards another great team member - (BDM)
Gabby Mercado with her 10-year award. Way to go Gabby!


Looks like we could all use a nap! 

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