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The Race is On!

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Q: Are you talking about horse racing?

A: Yes and no. In addition to horse racing (Kentucky Derby this Saturday,
then on to the Triple Crown) our own “Mother’s Day Race” is also on.  At Dos Gringos
we think horse racing’s trifecta should be called “The Flower Crown” because
each winner gets a blanket of flowers. Hopefully everyone who’s
ever been a Mother will get flowers for Mother’s Day. It is the hardest job on
the planet (…being in the flower business is the second hardest job on the planet.) 



Q: What does horse racing have to do with flowers?

 A: Well, we have a couple of clients who actually make the horse blankets for
both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. For the Derby, 7,000 Roses are
brought in for the Derby blanket but only the top 400 are utilized. As you know
we’re not afraid to color enhance our flowers (a fancy term for dying them
different colors.) We aren’t the only ones.  The Preakness blanket is not
actually made up of Maryland’s state flower the Black-eyed Susan, because
they don’t bloom until June (Shhhhhh.) So, if you can’t do what you must, then
you must do what you can. They use yellow mums and then they add black
lacquer to the center. Trust me, we know if we were short on sunflowers
you wouldn’t let us get away with this.


Q: So how about a Sunflower Horse blanket?

A: Very glad you asked. Stayed tuned for the “Run for the Sun” blanket
from our beautiful Del Mar Race track. We’re working on it.  



Q: Ok…Week one of Mother’s Day shipping is almost over. How’s it going?

A: I’ll let a few pictures tell the story…



 Jason giving us the thumbs up while thinking (yes, we can read his mind... “Is it May 13th yet?
And get out of my office.”)



Maria (Bouquet maker extraordinaire) sends “Mother’s Day” greeting via
a DG quality bouquet that is destined to bring a “winning” smile.


April (Our Demand Planner Expert) shows off her award-winning
smile with a collage of Sunflowers as a backdrop. P.S. She is a “starter”
with DG when there were just 8 of us (we started with 4.)  P.P.S. We have
a few more team members now. 


Malou (accounting) and Lili (sales support)
(The “Show me Your Money” peeps) are our “odds on favorites” to get the job done. 


Bertha and Maria (UPCers) are make a dynamic “daily double.” 

Obet (line leader) with a great attitude picks
a “superfecta” of winning bouquets. 


Mary Luz (Our go to Team Member for all things quality.)
Nothing “off the pace” gets by her.


Rich (Our Wholesale Guru) says, “bet on Sunflowers in race #5-12.” 


Jennifer (Client Guru), Robin (Design Guru), Jenny (Client Guru) and
Gabby (Client Guru) insure that all orders are on the “fast track” for delivery. 


Christian (One of our “I make sure the right boxes get on your truck” team members)
prepares our “front runner “bouquetsyour truck (or ours.)


Beautiful bouquets ready to “sprint” to our Moms all around the country.


Lacquer painted Mums at the Preakness. (Sunflowers would
look soooooo much nicer and they are in season.) 


Run for the Roses Blanket 


Our Sunflower horse blanket looks pretty good!
Check out some of our previous horse blanket work.

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