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The Dirt - Yo & Nosotros


Issue № 236

     Yo! (and nosotros.) 

Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q: What does Yo and Nosotros mean?
A:  Well the translation from English to Spanish is as follows… Yo = I and Nosotros = We. BUT it means something more than that at Dos Gringos.
Q: What else does Yo mean to DG?
A: The YO’s are the things that we do individually every day as team members that makes DG a different kind of place to work.  

Q: What else does Nosotros mean to DG?

A: The Nosotros’ are the things that we do together as a team that makes DG a different kind of company to partner with.  

Q: Can you break that down for me?
A:  Sure. YO’s are our core values that each team member strives to live by every day. See below….

Q: And Nosotros?
A:  And the Nosotros' are the things that we do as a team to try to make the world a little different than we found it.

Q: Got it. Ok, so most companies just put their core values and their core purpose on a wall to impress clients when they visit.
A:  Ha! Ok, that might be true at some companies, but ours are part of our everyday life and how we manage the business.

Q: Can you give me an example?
A:  Sure. Take PRIDE from the Yo list and our PURPOSE of bringing smiles from the Nosotros list. A Line Manager or a QC Manager can easily pick up an inferior bouquet off of the line and have a respectful conversation with the team member that made it.

Q: What would that conversation look like?
A:  “Lucy, are you really proud of this bouquet and do you think that if you gave this to your grandmother it would bring a smile to her face?” “Well, not really”. “Ok, then remake this so you’re proud of it and it will make your grandmother smile :-) ”

Q: I get it. So, these Yo’s and Nosotros’ are visible throughout the company.
A:  Absolutely! Not only in all the departments, but throughout our other locations. One team and one dream. Here are a few pictures of these posters in action...

 - Dos Gringos North -
Dos Gringos Production Staff

Procurement & Shipping pointing to YO & Nosotros

Victor (Logistics) & Malou (Accounting) in the kitchen

Rich (BDM), Todd (Master Grower), & Gabe (Senior Plant Mgr) in California Room

Mark (CFO), Delia (HR), Gabby (BDM), Lorena (Sales Support), & April (Procurement)

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Dos Gringos Miami Staff

More Miami Staff

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Mexico Production Staff

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