The Dirt - What’s New For 2018?

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - What’s New For 2018?


Issue № 225

What’s new for 2018?


Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q: So what are you guys working on this Spring?

A: Well, each spring we trial new annuals that we think might work as either a stand-alone flower bunch or as an element inside a bouquet.

Q: How do you determine what to trial?

A: Great question.  We meet with our breeders and seed companies to determine our options and then our innovation team here inside dg selects the flowers based on growing ability, colors trends and anticipated vase life. 

Q: Is that it?

A: The final question we ask is… Does this flower have the potential to make it from ranch to retail and then from the consumer's cart to car to counter AND THEN brighten a mood or decorate a home for at least 7 days?  If the answer is yes, we move forward.

Q: That makes sense.  So what trials are you harvesting now that made the cut for 2018?

A: I’m glad you asked.  The team put together some pictures and details below.

Q: What should clients do if they are interested in these items for 2018?

A: As you can see from the below, year two of any new crop has limited availability. Year one is a trial, year two is semi-commercial production, year three is commercial production, and if the flowers are well received, year four is game on.  So if anyone is interested for 2018, just hit reply to this or contact your peeps at dg and they will get you dialed in with samples.

Q: So physical samples are available?

A: Yes they are available.  The trial period will end in a couple of weeks. 

Here’s a look at what will be new for 2018…

Dusty Miller:
Color: Grey Foliage 
Harvest: Weeks 10-30 (March-July)
Stem Count Shown: 5
Sales forecast deadline: Week 42
Capacity of this crop is only 3,000 stems per week for 2018 so we will use it in bouquet designs.  Stay tuned. 

Chocolate Lace:
Color: Reddish
Harvest: Weeks 10-35 (March-August)
Stem Count: 10 stems
Sales forecast deadline: Week 35
Capacity of this crop will be 20,000 stems per week for 2018.

Campanula Bell
Colors: White, Purple & Pink
Harvest weeks: 10-18 (March-April)
Stem count:  5 stems per bunch
Sales forecast week deadline: Week 32
Capacity for this 2018 semi commercial trial will be approximately 7,500 stems per week.

Dianthus Dash Pink:
Color:  Pink
Harvest: weeks 8-20 (Late February-Mid May)
Stem count: 10
Sales forecast deadline week 20
Capacity of this crop is 10,000 stems per week for 2018. However please note,  this crop is still in early trial stages of the trial period.  I.e. It hasn’t officially made the team. 
Dianthus Black Cherry:
Color: Black with white bee
Harvest weeks: 08-21 (Late February- Mid May)
Stem count 10
Sales forecast deadline: Week 20
Capacity of this crop is currently at 20,000 stems per week for 2018.
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