The Dirt - What’s A Pallet Divided By 2?

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The Dirt - What’s A Pallet Divided By 2?


Issue № 233
What's a Pallet Divided By 2?


Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q:  Is that some sort of trick question!?

A:  Not at all.

Q:  Ok…I’ll bite…..  A Half Pallet?

A: Bingo!

Q:  Aren’t your half pallet old news?  You guys started that trend 15 years ago.

A:  Yes and no.  Yes, we created and even patented the half pallet display/shipper for flowers about 15 years. And, no it’s not old news…. anymore.

Q: Why did you stop selling them?

A:  Well the truth is, even though we patented it, others copied it.  We made a strategic decision not to enforce our patent (this time) for multiple reasons.  One of those reasons was that instead of spending money and time on legal fees, we would rather concentrate our time and money being even more innovative with our fresh flowers vs our packaging. 

Q:  That makes sense.  Was your Half Pallet Program successful when you did it?

A:  Yes.  We shipped a little over 200 full semi loads of them over a 5 year period. I’d call that a successful program.  

Q:  And then you put the program on ice for 10 years and now your back at it?  Why?

A:  Yes, we pretty much iced it for 10 years.  We’re back because of two reasons.  #1.  Clients asked for it back  #2. Clients asked for it back.

Q:  Reason #1 really makes sense, but I’m not so sure about #2.   What’s unique about the Half Pallet and why did clients want it back?

A:  The display is a very easy way to create an instant impact display at store level.  And not only is it a labor saver, the program also saves cardboard and freight. 

Q:  Got it.  If memory serves 6 buckets of assorted sunflowers was too much for some stores to handle?

A:  Wow… you have a good memory.  The message that we heard loud and clear from clients was that they wanted not only a disposable 6 bucket design to match our permanent display designs, but also a 2 bucket display for smaller stores. 

Q:  Did you do anything else new?

A:  Yes, besides the four sided graphic update we added wood slats to the pallet lids to help with stability and we changed our buckets to a taller and sturdier bucket.

Q:  Nice.  Can we see some pictures of the old and the new just for kicks?

A:  Of course.  Here you go…….


Version 1.0

Version 1.0 live in action outside a store in Chicago, IL in 2007

Version 2.0  with seasonally relevant graphics.  The Summer Season.

Version 2.0 The Fall Season

Version 3.0 Fresh From The Field

 Version 4.0 A 6 bucket display designed to match our Permanent Displays.

Version 4.0 Jr.  A 2 bucket Pop Up Display

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