The Dirt - Valentine’s Day Prep Week.... Eeek!


The Dirt - Valentine’s Day Prep Week.... Eeek!

Valentine's Day Prep Week!

Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q: So what have you guys been up to this week Team Gringo?

Oh not too much. You know, the usual…
morning team yoga, coffee, two hour lunches, afternoon tea…

A: Really?!

Nope. This is when everyone who supports our Operations, Sales, and Logistics teams spring into Super Hero action.

Q: What does Super Hero action mean?

Well let’s see, our Sales Support Divas entered in 1,616 grocery client sales orders in to the system (!), our Harvest Forecasting Team arranged for our Harvest Team to harvest 7,200,000 stems of flowers and greens AND came up with back-up plans should the California rain continue, and the Demand Planning Team helped schedule production for 764,000 bouquets to be produced!

Q: Wow! That’s a lot of to do over the next couple of weeks.
Are you nervous?

A: Yep. We call this time period Valloween  for a reason; it’s a scary time! Weather is unpredictable, hours are long, and variables are many. A 100% on-time fulfillment rate - with exceptional quality - is critical for our client's success. 

Q: Are you as prepared as you can be?

A: Yes.  We are all double, triple-checkers and after 25 years or so of doing this, I think we have a 51% chance of getting it right.

Q: 51% Chance!  Really?!

A: I’m joking. We’re on it. There will be problems along the way, but there will be creative solutions as well. We’ll get through it as a team.

Q: Good!  Ok….who were the team members that entered
all of those orders and did all of this preparation?

A: Ahhhh…I’m very glad you asked! Please see the pictures below, (I will let you guess their role in the process by their nicknames).  

Ciro “Guru of All Things Numbers” Gonzales


Todd “Dear God, Please Don’t Let it Rain Next Week.
We need to start Harvesting
” Thornton

Julie “Little Smarty” Garcia

April “Stop putting more orders in the system.
You’re messing up my plan”

Valentin “I’ve got your back. Bring it.” Saldivar

Lina “My last data entry error was in 1992” Ramirez 
- and -

Rich “I’ve been here since 5am.
Let’s rap this up so I can go ride 50 miles on my bike.”

Lorena “Really. Is that all you’ve got for me?” Barrios

Lily “Go ahead. Try to make me not smile.” Martinez

Q: Sounds like you’ve got quite a team?
A: Yes we do. 
I’m a lucky Gringo. It takes a village and we’ve got a good little village.

Q: What’s next?
A: Next week is Super Hero time for our Operations teams. I’ll highlight these fellows next week! Wish us luck.

Q: Good luck!
A: Thanks. We’ll need it!


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