The Dirt - Tell Me Again Why Father’s Day Isn’t As Big As Mother’s Day In The Flower Industry?

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The Dirt - Tell Me Again Why Father’s Day Isn’t As Big As Mother’s Day In The Flower Industry?


Issue № 234
Tell me again why Father’s Day isn’t as big as Mother’s Day in the flower Industry?


Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q:  So you think the Fathers of the world would like flowers over something a little more manly?

A:  Ha… that reminds me of an awesome old SAF Ad that had a picture of a Manly Man in the wilderness with the quote that said… “A Man who has everything must surely own a vase.” 

Q:  Do you REALLY believe that flowers should be part of Father’s Day gift giving?

A: Of course I do believe that with a caveat.

Q:  Why is that?

A:  Flowers are the best way to say “I appreciate you. I thank you. I love you … and a thousand other things.”

Q: What’s the caveat?

A:  Well, as a Dad, I would recommend flowers and…..

Q:  And what?

A:  And something your Dad really likes!  Flowers are and will always be the international symbol of love and appreciation.  Why not add that to the tie or the golf clubs or the awesome bottle of bourbon that you also buy your Dad to show your love and appreciation?  Think of it as a “and one.”

Q:  Okay okay….. I get it… anything else?

A:  No, that’s my only point this week.  Following suit to our Dirt on the Friday before Mother’s Day, below are a few team members with their awesome Dad’s and their thank you notes.  

Dad Harvey Levin, son Jason and baby brother David

“Pop, thank you for modeling what unconditional love really looks like and
for always believing in me and for having my back.  P.S. And, also for being
the best corporate lawyer an entrepreneur making mistakes all the time
could ever ask for.”

Dad Ixo Valdes Sr. and Ixo Jr. landing in the U.S. from Brazil 1984
“Thanks Dad for teaching me everything I know about being a Dad. “

Dad Sam Wilkins and April
“My Dad is the best!  Always loving and supporting his three daughters
through thick and thin!  Thank you Dad for teaching me to be brave,
strong and to know the value of family.”

Dad Bertin Gomez and Delia
“Thank you Dad for teaching me to always be proud of my roots and,
most of all, to have faith in God.”

Dad Asher Motola, Aaron and Aaron’s daughter Vivien
“Papa, I learned how to be patient and serve others by watching you.
These are two things I need lots of.  Thank you.”

Dad Al Donahue and Joan
“Thank you Dad, for leading by example with your passion for
 books and music, your impeccable character, your wonderful sense
 of humor, your Irish pride and your appreciation for a great steak and
a good glass of wine!”

Dad Raul Meza Sr. and Dania
“Thank you Dad for teaching me the value of a strong work ethic,
to always give new things a chance and to be kind.” 

Dad Ben Gill and Gabe
“Thank you Dad for always telling me, Gabriel, you can achieve
anything….all you have to do is set your mind to it.’”

Dad Maximino Soliman Sr. and Malou
“Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong and for always watching over us from Heaven.”

Dad Manuel Nava, brother Steve and Stephanie
“Thank you Dad for the encouragement you showed and
the love you give us.”

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