The Dirt - Sunflowers Are About To Get Big!

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The Dirt - Sunflowers Are About To Get Big!


Issue № 232
Sunflowers are about to get Big!


Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q:  Really!?  Sunflowers are about to get Big?

A:  Yes… as in Big….Bigger head size and thicker stems!

Q:  Ahhh for a minute I thought you were letting all that decent sunflower sales volume go to your head.

A: Goodness no….. Summers warmer weather is upon us and head size is about to get bigger.

Head size comparison: Summer and Fall/Winter

6 plus inches across is not unusual in the summertime

Q:  Got it… will we see any other changes?

A:  Yes… Stems will also start to get thicker.

Winter vs Summer stem thickness

Q:  What does that mean in terms of care and handling?

A:  Thicker stems mean that your sunflowers will drink more water so put much more water in your buckets at store level.  Also due to the heat they may arrive looking dehydrated.  Simply re-cut and watch them perk back up.

Q:  Good stuff to know.   Anything else?

A:  One last thing.  Because sunflowers develop faster in warmer temperatures we will tighten up our cut stage to a Stage 2 so your customers can enjoy them longer.   Here’s a good cut stage guide below…..

One last picture of your summer sunflowers crop about 2 weeks away from harvest. 

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