The Dirt - Summertime Work ...and Play!

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The Dirt - Summertime Work ...and Play!


Client visits to our Vista offices in July were fantastic. We had a great time connecting one on one, and we really took advantage of the opportunity to brainstorm without boundaries. I trust that our partners got as much out of these sessions as we did, and I’m thrilled that we have additional visits scheduled this month.

The Design Center is proving to be a great working environment to collaborate with clients. We love coming up with different and unique items that help make our client’s successful. Keep visiting!
Summertime fun

I mixed work and pleasure and spent a great week on the East Coast in late July with the family. Annie (11) and Jack (6) loved the Freedom Trail and Martha’s Vineyard, and we spent a beautiful evening taking in a Red Sox game.

August brings more business travel for me. I’m excited to share that I’ll spend some time in Lincoln, NE, touring a company known for its commitment to building and nurturing a great culture and its focus on Team Member wellness.

Dos Gringos has enjoyed some really nice growth and expansion as a company. Regardless of size, I want to make sure this is a place where people want to work and build a career. August is always a time for us to look closely at this topic, and I plan to bring back some best practices around culture and wellness initiatives as well as smart growth.
Summer fun
Jason, Marco and the team
Biggest Winners

Our internal “Biggest Loser” contest wrapped up last week. Many of our Team Members stepped up to shed a few pounds and shore up some energy over the past 12weeks. It’s been fun to see the satisfaction with results and the friendly competition among teams and individuals. This determined bunch shed a total of 112.4 pounds!

This month’s Team Member profile introduces Raul Meza, our Production Supervisor. He’s a great member of the DG family, and he represents the “go for it” approach we are lucky to have.

We’ll be sending kids back to school before we know it. Grab every opportunity to make the most of summer while it’s here
– and don’t forget the flowers!


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Meet Raul Meza

As he approaches his seven-year anniversary with the Dos Gringos family, Raul Meza knows the plant as well as anyone. If you’ve placed an order with us, he’s had a hand in seeing it through to completion. He likes the details, and he knows how to multi-task. Still, one of his favorite parts of the job is that he learns something new every day!

Raul is responsible for day-to-day operations on the production floor. He hires Team Members and makes sure their role is a good fit for them and for the company; he handles all of our scheduling; and he works in sync with our warehouse as well as our shipping and receiving teams and our packing and assembly lines. It’s not really a desk job. A typical day begins with a walk around the floor to ensure we’re staffed and ready to go. He checks out the order distribution list and examines multiple assembly lines for product. He asks and answers questions. And he partners with Quality Control to ensure that every client will be happy with the end result. All of this while keeping an eye on the clock. Strict start and stop times help ensure we fulfill all orders.

When he’s not doing any of this work? Meetings. Raul is a critical link between Production and Sales. He listens well and watches for gaps between what’s coming in and what’s going out. As part of our Operations Board, he identifies problems, offers solutions, and measures results.

Best Lesson Learned: Everyone is here to help. To a person, we do whatever it takes to get orders out accurately and in accordance with our high standards! It’s all about our clients.

Most Challenging: When we simply don’t have the products we need to meet demand. That’s when communication kicks in and you step up with solutions.

What’s Next?  We’ll see what pops up. I started here in Accounts Payable. There’s all kinds of opportunity for growth and development. I enjoy being able to lead by example and show teammates the right way – and I love having visibility to every dept. I’m still challenged and intrigued by Production, but there are always new paths to consider.

On a personal note:  In his spare time, Raul enjoys spending time with his wife Adela, his baby girl Giselle and watching his beloved Dodgers play.  Hence is nickname “Blue.”