The Dirt - September 2011

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - September 2011

Dos Gringos Intro - Sing-along!

No, I haven’t lost my marbles. Not all of them, anyway. And I certainly am not one to rush the holidays (though a ski weekend sounds good to me any time of year).

When someone asked me what was up for September, I realized it was all about customers coming to town. Which means, of course, that the team and I are all about getting ready for those visits.

Gringo Farms

Pack Trials are Here!

The second annual Dos Gringos Pack Trials are upon us. Fall is always a grand time of year for us and our products anyway, but the last two weeks of September give us an ideal opportunity to fluff the feathers a little and strut our stuff.

Aaron, Todd, Marco and I will spend the last two weeks of this month at Gringo Farms, a separate trial farm we have created in North County San Diego, CA to test new varieties and hold off-site brainstorming sessions with team members and clients alike.

Pack Trial ImagesPack Trials

First of a kind Sunflowers!

picsLast year we conducted a week of Sunflower pack trials and tests with a number of different customers. We had seeds from hybridizers in the United States, Japan and Israel, and we displayed 20 different beds of Sunflower varieties – everything from natural white to bi-color to lemon Teddy Bears to some of the commercial varieties.

This year’s participants will get a look at the first-ever all-white and all-red Sunflowers plus a chance to see Pumpkin Tree and Purple Majesty plants pre-harvest, in their field plots.

We’ll provide an update on the entire DG Sunflower product line, including new varieties in development, and talk some about the benefit of good, solid forecasting (Plan & Plant).

And we’ll host some interactive discussions about the breeding/seed hybridizing process.

Make sure you bring those burning questions you’ve been dying to ask!

Grand Tour with Jason Levin

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Haven’t registered yet for the Pack Trials? No worries. Contact to sign up.

On behalf of the whole team, we look forward to seeing you later this month!

Jason Levin
President & Chief Gringo

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