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The Dirt - Q & A with Dos Gringos!


Issue № 224

4 Sunflowers on One Stem… Wait What!?


Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos

Q:  Are you saying that you are growing Spray Sunflowers?

A:   Why yes we are and we will be harvesting about 30,000 stems a SunSprays a week from now through October.

Q:   Wait What?

A:   Yep. We’ve been working on this variety for about 4 years to get it ready for Prime Time.

Q:   Tell me more….

A:   Well we found a very durable dwarf variety and then we went to work hybridizing it and tweaking it until it was ready to be grown semi commercially and that’s the phase we’re in right now.

Q:   Seriously… how many blooms per stem?

A:   Seriously….. there is an average of 4 sunflower heads per stem.

Q:   How tall are they?

A:   Height will range from 15 to 22” which makes it a prime candidate for petite bouquets or mason jar arrangements.

Q:   Do you sell them by the sunflower head?

A:   Ha… I dream of that day! We are selling them at only a slight premium over our regular sunflowers because only because they are more labor intensive to grow.

Q:   Anything else we should know?

A:   Yes, these durable little guys need more water and more time to hydrate than a traditional sunflowers. So when you receive them at store level in a dry pack you have to hydrate them for at least 24 hours before they are ready to display. A wet pack is definitely recommended.

Q:   Got it. Good to know. Can we see what these little guys look like?

A:   Of course…. pictures below just for you.

SunSpray's in the SUN bathing......

SunSpray Baby Bud’s… Awwwwww.

3 days Hydrated at room tempature and Photo shoot ready…. 1 stem…6 heads

3 stem Bunch 3 days hydrated

Bouquets with SunSprays

Mason Jars Love SunSprays... They told us.

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