The Dirt - May 2011

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - May 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
As Mother’s Day mania hits us all this week (and the last three,) I want to thank all Dos Gringos clients for your business and support throughout April. Farming and assembly operations have gone quite smoothly, and I hope your bouquets and grower bunches have all arrived in great shape. If not, I want to hear about it personally!

Spring Crops are Winding Down
I especially love this time of year and all the spring “stuff” that always brings smiles to so many: Purple Pride Waxflower, Spring Ranunculus, and gorgeous Yellow Sunflowers, to name a few. Spring seasonal items will have their final harvest this week and we’ll be sad to see them finished.

Summer Crops are Winding UpSunsplash Sunflowers - A DG Exclusive


Dates to Remember!

• Fun & Sun (July 20th- 22nd)

IFE (June 13th- 17th)

African Marigold (
May 23rd )

French Marigolds (May 23rd )

Sunflowers for Aug. 28th- Oct. 30 period (Booking deadline is May 23rd)

Record Breaking DayThe Team at Dos Gringos

I’m proud to share with you that we just broke our own record for highest sales volume in a single day. We shipped 127,720 bouquets, but who’s counting. April 29th was the big day and, as always, it was a huge team effort. What’s behind the big numbers? There are two things Dos Gringos does well, and in over 20 years in this business it hasn’t changed. We are freaks about design and freshness. Those are two key elements of the many ingredients in our bouquets that continue to drive us forward.

Everyone who works at Dos Gringos played a part in this New Record.

23 year historical record... Beat. I am proud to be here!

Keeping it FreshFresh from the Field

When it comes to design and freshness, our philosophy begins and ends with keeping it local. Almost every element in every Dos Gringos bouquet comes from no further than a 15-hour radius of our bouquet assembly and quality control center in North San Diego County. These flowers and greens are always cold and always fresh, and by cutting down on transportation we reduce the impact on the environment. That’s not all. Once they arrive here, your flowers and foliage are in the best hands possible – those of our creative director, Rene’ van Rems, AIFD. His knowledge, expertise and unparalleled experience come together to ensure that every bouquet, every arrangement, every time brings smiles and a “Wow!” factor you won’t receive from any other company. We are truly Different by Design™.

All About Quality
And then there’s our Quality Control/Quality Assurance Team. Led by Gabe Gill, this group of ten team members works tirelessly to remain on the cutting edge of equipment, technology and process management to ensure the freshest product with the longest possible vase life on a consistent basis. In addition, our own Raul Meza (aka “Blue”) has put in yeoman’s hours coordinating production so your bouquets arrive fresh, beautiful and on time. This month the Quality Team welcomes Mary Luz Rodriguez. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Mary Luz developed a great passion for working with flowers and eventually decided to pursue an agricultural engineering degree in the United States. An enthusiastic trainer and teacher, she’s excited to get all of us up to speed on the latest quality control innovations and advanced tools. With these applications in place we’ll be able to recognize problems faster and address them more efficiently for the benefit of our clients. Mary Luz’s determination and discipline are great assets for Dos Gringos and for the new team she’ll be building over the next several months. We want your flowers to be fresher and last longer than ever before.

Other Happenings

- Our very own Chief Gringo, Jason Levin, is a Semi Finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition!

We donated Sunflowers for “Finish Chelsea’s Run" and raised nearly $2,800.00 all of which goes to the foundation.

Signing off
A very Happy Mother’s Day to all! Thanks for everything you do to make this world a better place. After adding an eight-week-old black lab mix to our brood in April, I know my wife Melissa deserves more than a day of R&R. Hope yours is special -- and free of dog duty!

Jason Levin
Chief Gringo