The Dirt - It Takes A Village

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The Dirt - It Takes A Village


Issue № 227

It takes a Village


Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q:  It takes a village to do what?

A:  It takes a village to bring smiles to millions of people and get our flowers from ranch to retail.

Q: Seems like this is a good time to recognize all the people who work behind the scenes at Dos Gringos?

A:  You read my mind.  It’s Administrative Professionals Appreciation week so this was a great week to say Thanks for all that you do!

Q: What would you like to thank them for?

A: Well let see… How about for entering in 250,000 orders per year, for issuing 6,000 payroll checks a year, for cutting 3,500 payable checks a year, for keeping track of our weekly harvest forecasts, for greeting visitors with a warm smile, and I could go on and on.

Q:  How did you celebrate the team?

A: The pictures below tell the story …

Claudia our Dos Gringos receptionist! Always smiling and a HUGE flower LOVER!!

Lynda from Pick On Us our Yoga Master  

Lots of Smiles at our lunch today! THANKS for organizing DELIA and thanks for picking up the tab JASON!

Beautiful Blooms and Sweet Treats

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