The Dirt - I Love Eu….Calyptus

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The Dirt - I Love Eu….Calyptus


Issue № 240

I Love Eu....calyptus

Q and A
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Dos Gringos



Q: Dos Gringos and Eucalyptus go way back don’t they?
A: We do.  We started harvesting and selling bulk Eucalyptus to wholesalers back in the early 90’s. 


Baby Blue Euc Tree in the field


Baby Blue Euc Field



Grower Bunch of Bulk Euc in the early 90’s


 Q: How did that program evolve?


The grading was always a little off, meaning if the person harvesting in the field had a big hand you got a big bunch and, if they had a small hand you got a small bunch.  So in the late 90’s we created and trademarked the Design Ready® bouquet grade (20stems cleaned) bunch of Euc and shipped them to bouquet makers around the country.   

Design Ready® Baby Blue Euc-20 stems and 4” cleaned on the bottom late 90’s early 2000’s

Q: Did it evolve from there?
A: Yes, in the late 90’s we added grocery stores to our existing client base of bouquet makers and wholesalers and they wanted a smaller consumer bunch of Baby Blue Euc.

Consumer Bunch Baby Blue Euc 7 stem bunch from the late 90’s

Q: And, is that where the evolution stopped?
A: Of course not… you know us… never quite satisfied.  In the mid 2000’s, we took it one step further and created our Just Add™ program.  Just Add™ and Drop in Greens were created by our team members after they spent a couple of holiday’s helping our clients in stores.  Stores were pre-greening rose vases  with random greens, so we created the below labor-saver.   

Just Add™ flowers with assorted greens and pre-cleaned started in the early 2000’s


Q: What’s next on the Euc front?
A: The Just Add™ , Drop in, and CB programs are alive and well and growing every year.  AND, as more and more of our fields turned into housing developments during the Southern California housing boom, we started working with other greens in addition to our Eucs to keep up with our growth.  The next evolution for us is pre-greening flower foam arrangements for our grocery clients and those will incorporate lots of different types of greens, just like luxury green mixes and the cool Just Add boxes available in December.   


 Luxury Green Mixes

Just Add Flowers Arrangement Line available December 2017





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