The Dirt - Hmm…. Bet You Didn’t Know What?

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - Hmm…. Bet You Didn’t Know What?


Issue № 223

Bet You Didn’t Know…


Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos

  A: Bet you didn’t know that it’s almost time for us to buy our seed and prepare for the 2017 Marigold Season.


Q: Already!?

A: Yep… we’ll start collecting client’s forecasts from now until Mid April and then off we go…..

Q: When will you start planting?

A: We’ll start planting weekly in Mid May for Harvesting Late August through Late October. Here are a few pictures of last year's crop...

Newly planted Marigold Picture from 2016

Marigolds fields filling in

Marigolds in full bloom October 2016

Q: Why should we have Marigolds as part of our program? ...they smell!

A: Ha…. That’s funny… well they do actually smell, but the smell comes from the foliage not the flower, so if you defoliate them like we do, they don’t have that strong of a fragrance that “Some” people don’t care for.

Q: Good to know for sure…. Besides making them into consumer bunches what else do you do with them?

A: Well, because Marigolds are yellow and orange they pair up really well with our fall themed bouquets

Q: Can you show me?

A: Of course… here are a few designs for 2017 below

Q: Those are nice…. Anything else?

A: Why yes… glad you asked… The Orange Marigold is the official flower of Dia De Los Muertos (November 2nd,) so if your store’s consumers likes to celebrate The Day of the Dead we recommend that you have these in stock.

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