The Dirt - Hey Chicago, What Do You Say…..

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The Dirt - Hey Chicago, What Do You Say…..


Issue № 235

     Hey Chicago, What do you say….. 

Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q: What’s up with this weeks subject line?
A:  We were back in Chicago last week for the IFE show.  Cubs fan will know what the subject line means.  If not, below is a quick explanation.,_Cubs,_Go
Q: You have some history with Chicago and The Cubs?
A: Yes, I grew up in a suburb of Chicago in my early years and my Grandparents lived 5 blocks from Wrigley Field so I used to walk to Cubs games with my Dad and and my Grandpa during summer breaks. 

Q: Was it good to be back in Chicago?

A: It was awesome to be back in Chicago!  Both personally and professionally.  I was on the show floor and in meetings during the week.  Then on Friday I snuck away for lunch with my two best friends from High School (P.S. Next time you’re in Chicago go to Au Cheval for a burger.  Great call Tim! ) And then I spent the weekend with my parents, brother, cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

Q: Win Win.  Ok, back to business what was hot on the show floor?
A:  I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one…...

The Dos Gringos Booth in Action

Fresh from Our DG Innovations Fields! you saw them FIRST! PETALESS Sunflowers


Sunflowers and Lavender from France!

New Summer Bouquet Designs received a warm welcome!


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