The Dirt - "Happy St. Maewyn Succat’s Day!"

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The Dirt - "Happy St. Maewyn Succat’s Day!"


Issue № 221

"Happy St. Maewyn Succat’s Day!"  

Q and A
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Dos Gringos



What kind of Spanish Dialect is that!?

A: Ha! Maewyn Succat was St. Patrick’s real name and if he had not changed it that’s what we all would be saying on March 17th! 


So is this Dirt about St. Patrick’s Day?

You know it and a couple of other things too. We thought you would enjoy seeing our St. Patrick’s Day offerings in almost forty shades of green, get a glimpse into how we have celebrated in past years and to learn a little Irish trivia. After all, on March 17th there are two kinds of people – those who are Irish and those who want to be – at least for a day!

   Q:  I see that the group is holding cups. Would there be Guinness in those cups perhaps?



They could be Guinness floats which is a Dos Gringos tradition. We make them with vanilla ice cream, Guinness and an ounce of Blackberry Liquor (at the end of the day!) By the way, 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed around the world on St. Patrick’s Day.



Almost as big as the amount of green sunflowers sold today?

A:  Ha! I dream of that day.



How does Dos Gringo’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or whatever you are calling it!?

A:  In past years, we have held an Irish trivia contest with some “wonderful” Dollar Store prizes. Of course, we try to dress in shades of green. We have feasted on Irish stew for lunch and steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and we play all manner of Irish music on our rhapsody music system.



It looks like you guys have a good time at the office?

A:  We sure try to…. life is short and why not enjoy what you do? Also, having fun helps remind us that the ultimate reason we are in this business is to deliver smiles to our customers and our customer’s customer.




 So what kind of “Irish” products does Dos Gringos have that I can buy for 2018?

A:  Great question!








Anything else?
YES... Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!





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