The Dirt - Giving Back; In Your Own Back Yard!

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - Giving Back; In Your Own Back Yard!


~in Your Own Backyard.

Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q: I’ll bet I know where this is going? Being in the flower business aren’t you asked for a lot of donations?

A: Yes, that’s true, and one of the great privileges of running Dos Gringos,
is being able to give back to the communities in which we have operations.
For this Dirt, I would like to focus on a very special organization
that is near and dear to my heart, Meal on Wheels.

Q: Why is that?

A: A number of years ago, when we found ourselves with fresh,
but excess flowers, we were looking around for an organization to
which we could donate the flowers. I was reminded of the Meals on Wheels
deliveries that I made with my mother, when I was growing up in Illinois.
Recipients of Meals on Wheels receive their food through a huge network of all volunteer drivers.
The elderly recipients are thrilled to receive their meals and, perhaps even more than the meals,
to spend some time with the volunteer who is delivering to them. The local Meals on Wheels
organization accepted that first floral donation and now, 22 years later,
we are pleased to still be giving back.

Q: In what way?

A: Actually, in a lot of ways. Every week each recipient who is celebrating a
birthday also receives a special birthday bouquet.  It is so much fun to see the
pictures of these happy seniors, sometimes celebrating over 100 years on this earth!

Also, Meals on Wheels holds a major fundraising gala each year and they
“challenge” us each time with their inventive themes.  How do you design bouquet for a “Bayou” theme?
Well, we did it, and many others. We provide all the flowers for the auction tables and the table
toppers which are sold at the gala and are generously bought by the patrons. Thank goodness!

Q: So you donate flowers… do you do anything else for Meals on Wheels?

A: About 10 years ago, I was recruited by the San Diego CEO to sit on the Meals on Wheels
board and it was a privilege to do so. I served for about 6 years. And for some crazy reason
they humbly honored me with their George A. Scott award which is given for on-going dedication.

Q: Does anybody else at Dos Gringos volunteer their time?

A: Ahhh… I’m glad you asked. Besides our team members who hand make the Birthday
Bouquets every Monday once a year; a luncheon, is held to honor the dedicated
group of volunteers who do the deliveries.  Yup… they also have a fun theme and we
provide bouquets to every volunteer as well as special bouquets to the long term volunteers.
Some have put in 30 years of their time to insure meals are delivered on time, every time.
Joan Saunders; my right (and left hands and feet), sits on their Advisory Committee,
she and her husband Phil have Emc’d  the volunteer luncheon for many years.
Thank you Joan and Phil!

Q: Anything else?

A: One last thing.
We are pleased to partner with Meals on Wheels
because when it comes to giving back, everybody wins!