The Dirt - Flower Power Beyond The Smiles...

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The Dirt - Flower Power Beyond The Smiles...


Issue № 241

Flower Power beyond the smiles... 

Q and A
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Dos Gringos




Q: Wait What!? Flowers do more than bring smiles!? That’s all you ever talk about…..
A:  I hear you and you know that it is no secret that our mission is to bring smiles to millions (while putting sunflowers on every tabletop in the world) however sometimes our endeavors go well past the smile on someone’s face and, hopefully, touch their soul…at least for a little while.  


Q: Oh boy… you’re getting soulful now?


I’m human. Here’s the story… About five years ago we were contacted by a group called “Out and About.” Working closely with a local university, they take Alzheimer’s patients on outings with the purpose of providing them some fun and education. They asked to bring a group to DG for a tour. In all honesty, we said “yes” but not without some trepidation because we did not know what to expect.  
 Q: How did it go?
A: Great! We gave them a tour of our facility including the plant floor where they watched bouquets being assembled and saw how hard our teammates work. They went through the coolers (quickly) and viewed our underground green waste and water recycling system before proceeding to our design area. 


Q: Was that it?
A: Of course not… you know how we like to host (and no we did not give them shots of tequila!) We asked them to each take a seat and to hold onto the numbers they found on their chairs. We then put on a short presentation where we deconstruct a few bouquets and show them how the flowers are put together to become a beautiful arrangement, naming the flowers we use and providing some information about how and why we use them.  


Q: Why do you give them numbers to hold? 

A: At the end of the presentation we “raffle” off the bouquets and provide the non-raffle winners with mini-bouquets to take home. Everyone goes home with a floral remembrance of their afternoon.  



Q: So, I take it they have asked to come back.
A: Yes, they have been back, on average, every six months for all these years. The pictures below were from our July 28th tour. The university reports back that after touching, seeing, and smelling the flowers the patient’s cognitive skill set is elevated and they are on a bit of a "flower high." Trust me; it brings big smiles to their faces and to ours. The pictures below attest to that fact.  


 The Out and About Group are welcomed to Dos Gringos by Jason and Joan as they prepare to start their tour.



  The Group wanted a picture in front of our Dos Gringos’ sign.




 While in the plant they asked some very good questions! For example, “Where do you grow your flowers?”

 Following the presentation, the group is all smiles as they prepare to depart with their own flowers! 






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