The Dirt - February 2011

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - February 2011

It's Time for Love, Sweet Love!
Jason Levin

Okay, so 2011 hasn’t come in exactly as we would have liked.

There’s no wildly positive movement in the economy. Our friends on the east coast can’t catch a break from the snow and the cold and the operational headaches they can bring. Now we’re watching a monster storm move from the heartland to the south and northeast.

Even here in California, January was filled with cold, dark and inclement weather that put our Sunflowers and other key crops well behind schedule. Good grief.

Good News...  Spring is on the Way!

On the bright side, January is history, February is here, and it’s time for love, sweet love.

The good news now is that we’re harvesting Sunbeam Sunflowers and Dark Center Sunflower like crazy and our “Just Add” programs are doing very well across the country. Dos Gringos provides and prepares fresh and unique foliage with a splash of gyp just waiting to be “finished off” by a gorgeous batch of Roses or Tulips. The “Just Adds” are a great way to help out floral departments and to reach out to end users with ideas and products that make life simpler.

Ready... Set... Sell!!

Just Add RosesJust Add Roses BouquetValentine’s Day is here, of course. We are harvesting and shipping Sunflowers and “Just Adds” as quickly as possible and will be running at full strength through the 14th. We stand ready to make this holiday productive and profitable for you.

Looking ahead, the innovation continues...

Recent upgrades include:

• An new updated automated wet pack line that doubles our capacity.

Our New Wetpack Machines.

• A new ice machine to ensure water is pre-chilled to a temperature that makes your flowers last longer.

• New digital signage installed in the warehouse to track productivity and keep us ahead of truck delays and/or other opportunities for communication.

New Carts being tested.
• New carts being tested in the warehouse to make us more efficient and to maximize space.

• A new Potting Room in the building, a place “where ideas go to grow.” All team members are invited and encouraged to stop in any time to brainstorm, jot down a thought or two, and help us bring the best seeds to flower.

•, a new CRM tool to improve customer service.

• New strapping machines on all dry pack lines to help speed up the process and reduce packing material waste.

Dos Gringos Facebook Page.

In Search of New Products...

A trip to Chile



We are ready to serve! Here’s hoping the next several months are good to all of us.