The Dirt - December 2012

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - December 2012

Jason Levin

Hola Everyone and Feliz Navidad!

I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying this festive season and the business success you’ve worked hard all year to ensure. To the extent that Dos Gringos products and programs have helped keep your customers coming back for more or have brought you new customers intrigued by and/or in love with the California look, I’m thrilled. I hope you’ll continue to let us know how we can be the best partner possible.

Saying thanks

Here in Vista, Thanksgiving operations went smoothly with a few snags towards the end. The few snags proved to be a great reminder of the power of proper planning and planting. If you’ve been with Dos Gringos for any length of time, you know we’re sticklers for planning and planting. We were a little under planted toward the last days of shipping. In the true dg way we got creative and got through it.

My beloved Grandma Jennie passed away on Thanksgiving Day. Throughout my childhood she and my Grandpa Jack, rest his soul, owned and operated clothing stores in Illinois. They both had a huge influence on my life, personally and professionally. I try everyday to emulate their integrity, perseverance and good humor. I returned from Jennie's beautiful funeral just in time to celebrate Annie’s beautiful 11th birthday. The circle of life is a good, if sometimes painful, thing.
Saying thanks!
Mason Jar Bouquets

Hot off the drawing board, our innovative Country Christmas line is making waves in a number of markets.  Mason jars filled with pine cones, Christmas greens, and florals and accented with a charming touch of raffia make great gifts for teachers, holiday hosts, that wonderful neighbor who so deserves a token of appreciation.  We're shipping them in boxes ready to set for display, but we're also hearing from floral managers that they really spice up the area when scattered about.  No two look the same, we we encourage you to have some fun with them and let customers see the difference for themselves.  Metallics are fun and festive as well.  Gold Lemon Leaf and Seeded Eucalyptus and silver Bear Grass add instant glam to already beautiful arrangements.  We've come a long way since our initial move to Metallics for the holidays, and I love what I've seen this year.

Strategy Sessions

This month our Leadership Team will get away for a few days to focus on strategy and plans for 2013 and beyond. We’ll look at challenges and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, trends and solutions. The goal will be to arrive at three initiatives we can tackle and make some headway on in 2013. While I never truly don’t know where we’ll land, I can tell you that a framework for the discussion will be the following three themes:

(how can we make your flowers last longer)

(healthy team = healthy company with a healthy future)

(delivering products, programs, and an experience you can’t find elsewhere)
Calvin & Hobbs
The Team at DG!

Celebrating Our People

Next week brings our Holiday Lunch for the entire team here in Vista. It’s always a wonderful time and a terrific opportunity to celebrate the sheer joy of being together.

This team takes it commitment to you, our partners, very seriously. We know we have to earn your business each and every day, with each and every order. We never forget that, especially as we reflect on the past year and ring in a new one.

I hope your December has its share of reflection and revelry as well.
Raul's Shower
Diapers for Dads

Team gathers for the shower and Jason and Raul at "Diapers for Dads" shower.

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