The Dirt - August 2015

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - August 2015

Florida. Missouri. Texas. Georgia. California.
The Dos Gringos team logged a lot of miles and covered a lot of ground this summer
– for good reasons with great clients!

Invited by several of you to show and tell what’s new and next from DG,
we gladly assembled samples of everything from late fall to Christmas,
Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day – even our line for Spring 2016.

A special planting in anticipation of five separate line reviews this summer
helped a lot, and I think we showed up well. Special thanks to Gabby, Robin,
Jenny, and Rich for all the hard work and preparation that went into our presentations!

Fall Marigolds are getting ready for lift off.
Can you say: Día de Muertos?

Enhancing Production Efficiency

We had visitors in Vista as well and were happy to show how
California growers approach product and production and how
DG sets itself apart with specialty items and arrangements.

A Lean Six Sigma project is aimed at cutting time,
cost, and waste from the flower-buying experience, and
we’re already picking up some efficiency.
Gabe Gill and team have added a number of tools
and resources on the production floor.

•  A jumbo thermometer ensures everyone knows exactly
how we’re doing on daily department metrics.

•   Productivity boards are the result of a detailed data collection process that
tells us where we can lower costs and how we can track real-time performance.

•  Our QC team – the folks in the red vests – meet weekly to discuss checkpoints for the day/week.
•  “GO SEE” is a new discipline that sends supervisors out on the
floor on a regular basis to identify areas of waste.

•  All department leads are being trained in the A3 problem-solving
method to drive process improvements.

•  Feedback channels are up and running to support better, faster
communication among all departments.

Sombrero's off to our Quality Control Team who continue
to crush their monthly goal of 99.5% client satisfaction!

Exciting Expansion Into Mexico!
One of the most exciting developments is our continued expansion into Mexico.
The “Grow Team” is spending more and more time there, trialing and testing
more than 30 different, new varieties. It’s all about innovation,
and we’re seeing interesting colors, hearty flowers and foliage, even some branching,
sprouting Sunflowers. More to come on what’s available when,
but early results are promising – and very pretty.

Finally, we thought you might enjoy this video
on the ever intriguingPumpkin Trees!

A quick congratulations to our Planning and Planting Team
for hitting 100% of the harvest forecast for 3 months in a row!

~Until we can show and tell more…
enjoy these last weeks of summer
and do let us know how we can help with a flower-filled fall!