The Dirt - April 2012

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - April 2012

Spring is ‘round the corner – and so are several new products from Dos Gringos! Diversification is the name of our game right now. More and more clients want a one-stop shop that “gets” them and can help them win the day with on-trend, fun and interesting items and one-of-a-kind designs. Rest assured that our Sunflowers will continue to rock & roll as we work with the best breeders and plant in ideal locations. The difference you’ll see – by design, of course – is that we’ve got much more to offer outside of Suns. There are many new flower lines up for discussion. Stay tuned! Client response to our January survey is driving a lot of this research and development, and we’re always looking for more. If you didn’t have the time to give us your input, we’re still listening!

Spring Variety
It’s always hectic around here as we make the transition from Easter to Administrative Professionals’ Day to Mother’s Day. People are eager to get in on the colors and textures of spring, and we are thrilled to deliver. That means we need our cutters sharp, our hard good inventory in shape, and our crops on time. A recent upgrade to our email server has helped ensure we have the capacity to meet increased demand for Sunflower-themed bouquets and for the terrific Ranunculus we’re enjoying this season. Waxflower is winding down and won’t make it to Mother’s Day. No worries; we’ve got plenty of interesting alternatives!


Right on the Mooney
Robin Mooney has finished the designs and recipes for Spring and Summer 2013 bouquets; she's working with the team now to snap all the photos and put the finishing touches on marketing sheets.
She shared some positive feedback she received on the spring line in particular and tells me that clients are very enthusiastic about pastel- and spring colored Daisy-themed bouquets and about the Iris, Sunflowers and Gerbera Daisies that just scream spring.
How's that for something to look forward to?

Our Very Own Ambassador...
Quality Control training continues in our distribution and assembly areas as well as on our farms. We have hired our first-ever Dos Gringos Ambassador to Mexico and look forward to the help he’ll offer Todd Thornton in visiting our farms to make sure our high standards are being met and best practices for quality and freshness are in place.

Always Improving!
The team and I are well aware that you need us to keep costs as low as possible. I assure you we’re working on it. We’re discussing and developing a plant redesign for higher throughput and productivity that lead to lower costs. Marco Rivera is leading our Business Development Managers through some intense, product-specific training so they can offer you greater intelligence and insight about what we’re offering, what you’re buying, and how you can make the most cost-effective decisions for your business.

Since sizeable challenges have never stopped us in the past, we decided to face the opportunity head-on in 2012 with a seasoned, successful industry rep. Business Development Manager Cindy Hamner joined our family in January and has already achieved “Road Warrior” status, logging thousands of miles in her car and on airplanes to get us closer to this business and to bring a regional perspective back to our headquarters in Vista.

From her home in Virginia, Cindy is meeting our clients and prospective clients one by one and looking at the product mix with new eyes. The goal, of course, is to provide a selection that works for you, that “Wows” your customers, and that’s priced appropriately.

Welcome, Cindy! Glad to have you “on the job.”

What’s up out east?
Outside of spring and summer, very little is locally grown out here. Offerings during the fall and winter are typically from South America, and they have a very traditional look and feel. That leaves customers craving something different, but it has to be cost-effective. It’s a delicate balance.

Greatest Opportunity:
DG can deliver variety and quality that’s born in the USA. The greens are silkier, the Suns are bigger, and the choices are many. Our message is great; we just need to share it face-to-face.

Early Successes:
For Valentine’s Day we were able to introduce California consumer bunches to a Midwest retailer and get them up and running for sale. Incremental Sunflower promotions are very hot for June and July on the East Coast and in Texas!

Client Response:
People want a seat at the table and a say in the process. The clients I’ve met with really appreciate the effort to connect what they’re doing with what we’re doing. It’s truly a collaborative approach, and that excites and energizes folks.

The DG Advantage:
The sales team and service level are amazing! Everyone cares about the company and its objectives; they deliver on promises and hold themselves accountable. I love the creative environment and the fact that they don’t take no for an answer. They find a way to make just about anything work!

The Cindy Hamner Advantage:
I was a category manager for a retail chain for years, and I’ve spent a good deal of my career in sales. I understand the challenges and stresses of retail in general. I “get” margin and shrink, and I’m all about making improvements that can be profitable for everyone.

On a personal note:
I am officially a “Skating Mom,” driving all over the place to support my not-yet-16-year-old daughter in competitive figure skating. I hope they don’t make a show about us. Outside of the car, I’ve been a gardener my whole life, and I’m an avid runner.

You can contact Cindy at:

to our Plant Supervisor, Raul Meza and his beautiful bride Adela.  May you enjoy a long and happy life together.