The Dirt - Ahhh…….Moms!

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - Ahhh…….Moms!


Issue № 229

Ahhh…….Moms! We Love You!


Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q:  What have you guys been up to this week?

A:  Not much, just shipping a couple million bouquets for the Moms of America.

Q:  That’s a lot.  Why so much this week?

A: Really!?  Sunday is Mother’s Day!? 

Q:  That’s right!  I better get something.

A:  Yes, I recommend flowers.

Q:  What’s up with the pictures below?

A:  This week we thought it was appropriate to showcase a few of the Moms who raised some of the pretty good “kids” of Dos Gringos.  Thanks Moms!

“Thank You Mom for always believing in me, teaching me to be independent, and modeling a strong work ethic. P.S.  I could have done with a little less weed pulling!”
~ Love, Jason

"Thank you, Mom, I learned to be generous from you!"
~Love, Malou

"Thank you Mom for passing on your strong work ethic." 
~Love, Robin

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned to be kind, gracious and respectful from you!"
~Te amo, Delia

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned how to love my family unconditionally and how to love wine from you, LOL!"
~ Love, April

"Mom, now that I have a baby, I realize how hard you worked for us. And to those of us whose Mother's now guide us from above, we love you and miss you. Thanks so much, Mom!"
~ Love, Aaron

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned to be a loving and caring person from you! "

"The best thing I’ve learned from my mom...? To always have a kind heart, a strong mind, and a brave soul. Thanks Mom!"

"Thank you Mom for teaching me to enjoy life like there's no tomorrow!"
~ Love, Dania

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned how to stay on the right path and when you scolded me it was for my own good."
~ Love, Yonic

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned to always look for good in people."
~ Love, Stephanie

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned how to be responsible and have good morals from you!"
~ Love, Francisco

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned how to be a great mom from you!"
~ Love, Nely

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned EVERYTHING I AM from you!"
~ Love, Claudia

"Thank you, Mom.  I learned respect and generosity from you!"
~ Love, Yulie & Olga

"My mom always taught me to work hard and play harder... but most of all that no one's cooking will ever be as good as hers!"
~ Love, Raul

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