The Dirt - 2nd Half Of The Valentine’s Day Bowl

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The Dirt - 2nd Half Of The Valentine’s Day Bowl


— 2nd half
of the "Valentine’s Day Bowl" Update

Q and A
- with -
Dos Gringos


Q: So how did the Valentine's Day Bowl Game end up?

A: Well, I think we won.

Q: You don't know yet?

A: No, we won't know until the last flower shipments hit the docks
and all of our clients are happy.

Q: Are you done harvesting and shipping for Valentine's?

A: Not quite, we still have our West Coast Grocery chains to finish shipping and
then today and Monday will be a busy ship day for our e-commerce clients.

Q: What do you do after Valentine's Day Shipping?

A: Oh! I'm so glad you asked.
In keeping with the theme of last week's Super Bowl analogy.
Holy Patriot comeback victory. Incredible determination!
Here is a sneak peek at our team members who complete the cycle!

Q: Who do you want to talk about first?

A: Let's talk about our Finance and Analytics Team!
Mark Young, our CFO, and his team review the game tape and give us all the stats.
Operational excellence is one of our 3 strategic initiatives for this year.
Mark and Collin will tell us how we did with our fulfillment rate, quality control,
efficiency, freshness factor and a few other key performance indicators.

Mark Young, our CFO


Q: How did you do?

A: Pretty well!  But there's always room for improvement. Fill rate was at 99.1%.
(Mother Nature wasn't as kind as she has been in the past.)
Quality was exceptionally high at 99.8% which, to me, is the most important metric, anyhoo.

Q: What else does the Finance Team do?

A: Delia, Stephanie and Claudia handle our Human Resources and Payroll
so they make sure that all our players on the field get paid. Very important!

Delia Mercado HR manager (Team Mom)

Stephanie HR assistant

Claudia HR Assistant

Malou handles all of our Account Receivables, she is the one who
makes sure everyone who watched the game paid for their seat in the stadium.

Dania handles our Accounts Payable,
the one who makes sure that we pay for all the pizzas!

Jimmy is in charge of IT so he makes sure that our scoreboard
is working and accurate 100% of the time.

Q: What else is going on this week on the playing field?

A: Gabby, Lorena, Joan, Leo and everyone on the e commerce
fulfillment team are crazy busy, entering orders, fielding customer calls,
generating labels, sorting, making and packing orders.

Q: How many boxes will your e-commerce team ship?

A: Around 30,000 boxes!

Q: Wow, that's a lot of boxes!

A: It sure is, but this team is full of seasoned veterans who
know what they are doing. Thank goodness!

Q: After this weeks Dirt will you promise to stop
with your stupid football analogies?

A: Deal!


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