Spring Is In The Air. Ok, It’s In The Field.

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Spring Is In The Air. Ok, It’s In The Field.


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Spring is in the air. Ok, it’s in the field.

Q and A
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Q: Well it’s good to hear that spring is in the field,
because it’s definitely not in the air!

A: I hear you. However, the prospect of spring weather and all the usual
spring flowers is fun to think about isn’t it? 



Q: Very true. Spring is a much-welcomed weather change.
Tell us more about your spring Flowers? 

 A: For this issue of The Dirt we’re featuring a few of our Spring
Favorites: Ranunculus, Campanulas and Marguerite Daisies. Let’s start
with Ranunculus since they are the first spring crop out of the gate. 



Q: Great. We love all of the pastel colors that you grow.
Any tips on how to care for these blooms?

A: Why yes, glad you asked. Our Master Grower, Todd Thornton
advises the following store care and handling:

1. Give the stems a ½ inch cut before placing in fresh water.
2. Avoid direct sunlight.
3. Change the water every 2 or 3 days.
4. Make sure none of the leaves are below the water line. 



Q: How about Campanulas?

A: Campanulas are perfect spring pastel colors which
include purple, mauve, pink and white. 



Q: Any care and handling or interesting info on these?

A: Of course, that’s what we’re here for. Campanulas are already a long-lasting
flower and you can make them last even longer. Simply remove the florets
on the stem after they are spent, and the young flower buds below will continue to bloom.



Our Campanula’s looking great in the greenhouses!


Campanulas might look very fragile, but they are extremely hardy. 


Who does not love Ranunculus?
PS. Notice this particular section is in a greenhouse. More on that later. 

Ranunculus grower bunches 


Freshly harvested Ranunculus getting ready to be sleeved and coded.


Margarita time! I mean, Marguerite (Daisy) time!


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